An interesting feature of Hebrew pronouns is that they can be different for male and female.

Some notes
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My gender: Male
אני aní I je
אנכי anochí I (bib/obs) je (bib/obs)
אתה atá (⇒m) you tu
את at (⇒f) you tu
הוא hu (⇒m) he il
היא hi (⇒f) she elle
אנחנו anáchnu we nous
אנו ánu we (formal) nous (formel)
אתם atém (⇒m) you (plural) vous
אתן atén (⇒f) you (plural) vous
הם hem (⇒m) they ils
הן hen (⇒f) they elles

Some notes on the transliteration, etc.: