The Alephbet

This is just my display of the Hebrew alphabet, showing it in different fonts if your browser supports it. I also show the final form (sofit) with the normal form instead of separately.
Alef א א‬
Bet ב‬ ב‬
Gimel ג‬ ג‬
Dalet ד‬ ד‬
He ה‬ ה‬
Vav ו‬ ו‬
Zayin ז‬ ז‬
Chet ח‬ ח‬
Tet ט‬ ט‬
Yod י‬ י‬
Kaf כ‬ ך‬ כ‬ ך
Lamed ל‬ ל‬
Mem מ‬ ם‬ מ‬ ם‬
Nun נ‬ ן‬ נ‬ ן‬
Samech ס‬ ס‬
Ayin ע‬ ע‬
Pe פ‬ ף‬ פ‬ ף‬
Tsadi צ‬ ץ‬ צ‬ ץ‬
Qof ק‬ ק‬
Resh ר‬ ר‬
Shin ש‬ ש‬
Tav ת‬ ת‬